Cyrus Bison Ranch in Bonnyville Alberta Canada

Filming on Cyrus Bison Ranches Bonnyville Alberta Canada. NATIVE | The Prodigies of an Icon isn’t just about the bison, it’s a story about the people raising and supporting the bison.  Enjoy some shots of life on the farm in Canada! Those bison wool gloves, neck gators, beanies (or toque) are partially made right here in Alberta Canada.  Check out how they separate the bison down wool from the bison hair. 

Filming crew includes Josh Dillard with DCM Films

Ever wonder where those The Buffalo Wool Co socks come from? Well, part of the fiber process starts here… in Canada. Cyrus Bison operates a VERY unique machine that separates the wool and begins the fiber processing in Bonnyville Alberta Canada. Nathaniel’s hat, Charlies beanie & gator, and Josh and Charlie’s fingerless gloves are all made of this amazingly warm bison fiber.

NATIVE | The Prodigies of an Icon tells the story of bison AS WELL AS the stories of those who work daily to keep them healthy and those who economically sustain them through providing exceptional products and foods. That can be a difficult task during “spring time” in Alberta Canada. I’ve never spent so much time digging out of snow just to get some hay! (Did I mention it’s spring?)

Screenshots from filming for NATIVE | The Prodigies of an Icon

Film Producer:

Meet My Neighbor Productions, Inc.

Content Director & Filming Coordinator:

Shauna Rankin Meet My Neighbor Productions, Inc.Yanasa TV

Creative Director and Videographer:

Charlie Rankin Meet My Neighbor Productions, Inc.Yanasa TV


Josh Dillard Dillard Creative Media

NATIVE | The Prodigies of an Icon is a documentary following the history of bison up through its modern life. The film is supported by the following:

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