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Experience the behind the scenes adventures of filming NATIVE The Prodigies of an Icon. Charlie, Shauna, and crew take you across North America from Maine to Texas to British Columbia and beyond. Explore both American and Canadian state and national parks and numerous private ranches.

Travel Vlogs Release Schedule

VideoLocationYouTubeFacebook / Instagram TV / Twitter / Linkedin
1 The Pop Up Camper RestorationNorth Carolina10/7/2021No Release
2 Pop Up Restoration ContinuesNorth Carolina10/8/2021No Release
3 Finishing the Pop Up Camper RestorationNorth Carolina10/9/2021No Release
4 Taking off to begin filming a Bison DocumentaryNorth Carolina10/15/202101/01/2024
5 Regenerative By Nature | West Bijou Ranch Colorado10/16/202101/03/2024
6 Memphis Bison Ranch Colorado10/17/202101/06/2024
7 Wind River ReservationWyoming10/26/202101/08/2024
8 Durham Ranch Wyoming10/27/202101/10/2024
9 Looking For Adventure Yellowstone National ParkWyoming02/15/202201/13/2024
10 You’ll Never Guess What Happened (Drive to South Dakota)Midwest02/22/202201/15/2024
11 Dakota Pure BisonSouth Dakota03/01/202201/17/2024
12 Native Foodways Rosebud ReservationSouth Dakota04/19/202201/20/2024
13 Global Leader in Exile – Allan SavoryFlorida06/21/202201/22/2024
14 Full Interview -Allan SavoryFlorida08/31/202201/24/2024
15 Cherokee Valley Bison Ranch Ohio08/26/202201/27/2024
16 We Need to grow Farmers Bigelow Fields Bison RanchMaine09/26/202201/29/2024
17 Native Food Bissell Brothers Brewing CompanyMaine10/17/202201/31/2024
18 We’re done with the East Coast going west…Midwest10/25/202202/03/2024
19 Wind River Tribal Buffalo InitiativeWyoming10/27/202202/05/2024
20 Bear Encounter in the Grand TetonsWyoming11/1/202202/07/2024
21 Bison of YellowstoneWyoming11/3/202202/10/2024
22 Behind the scenes a Wyoming Ranch Durham RanchWyoming11/15/202202/12/2024
23 Reviving Critical Foodways Rosebud ReservationSouth Dakota11/17/202202/14/2024
24 Dakota Pure BisonSouth Dakota11/22/202202/17/2024
25 Bigelow Fields Fall SoireeMaine11/24/202202/19/2024
26 Fall bison round up Bigelow FieldsMaine11/29/202202/21/2024
27 Eastern Bison Association North Carolina12/1/202202/24/2024
28 Bison on a Spit Riffle FarmWest Virginia12/6/202202/26/2024
29 Texas Caprock State ParkTexas12/8/202202/28/2024
30 Texas Bison AssociationTexas12/13/202203/02/2024
31 Caprock Bison CompanyTexas12/15/202203/04/2024
32 Back to Colorado NBA Winter ConferenceColorado02/08/202303/06/2024
33 Bison release on Osage Nation Indian Reservation Oklahoma02/14/202303/09/2024
34 Montana Winter on a ranch North Bridger Bison RanchMontana03/15/202303/11/2024
35 Yellowstone in the WinterWyoming03/22/202303/13/2024
36 We’re getting out of the USA! Bison in CanadaAlberta04/11/202303/16/2024
37 Life on a Canadian Ranch Cyrus Bison CanadaAlberta04/13/202303/18/2024
38 Canadian Bison Whisperer Corner Creek Farm AlbertaAlberta04/18/202303/20/2024
39 Working Bison in Canada WinterAlberta05/09/202303/23/2024
40 Farming in Canadian WintersAlberta05/02/202303/25/2024
41 What these Texans did was incredible. Goodnight RanchTexas05/23/202303/27/2024
42 The Brown Hair Project Buffalo Wool CompanyTexas05/25/202303/30/2024
43 Getting away from it all. Grafton GetawaysIllinois05/30/202304/01/2024
44 Maxwell Wildlife Refuge Kansas05/29/202304/03/2024
45 Government Bison Handling FacilityKansas06/04/202304/06/2024
46 Black Kettle BuffaloKansas10/16/202304/08/2024
47 Clover Cliff RanchKansas10/18/202304/10/2024
48 Working Bison at Kansas HQKansas10/21/202304/13/2024
49 You Gotta See This Place Grafton GetawayIllinois10/23/202304/15/2024
50 Big Basin Wildlife RefugeKansas10/25/202304/17/2024
51 Prairie Ridge Buffalo RanchColorado10/28/202304/22/2024
52 Forced Detour Buena VistaColorado10/30/202304/24/2024
53 Grizzly Encounters Grand TetonsWyoming11/01/202304/27/2024
54 Yellowstone National Park SpringWyoming11/04/202304/29/2024
55 Chased by a bisonMontana11/06/202305/1/2024
56 North Bridger Bison RanchMontana11/06/202305/04/2024
57 Glacier National ParkMontana11/08/202305/06/2024
58 National Bison RangeMontana11/11/202305/08/2024
59 Head Smashed InAlberta11/13/202305/11/2024
60 Banff and Jasper ParksAlberta11/15/202305/13/2024
61 Noble Premium BisonAlberta11/18/202305/15/2024
62 Cyrus BisonAlberta11/20/202305/18/2024
63 Corner Creek FarmAlberta11/22/202305/20/2024
64 First Generation Bison RanchersAlberta11/25/202305/22/2024
65 Al’s PlaceAlberta11/27/202305/25/2024
66 Griller HomboltSaskatchewan11/29/202305/27/2024
67 Roosevelt National ParkNorth Dakota12/02/202305/29/2024
68 NBA Field Day South DakotaSouth Dakota12/04/202306/01/2024
69 777 Bison RanchSouth Dakota12/06/202306/03/2024
70 Kremer BuffaloSouth Dakota12/09/202306/05/2024
71 Custer State ParkSouth Dakota12/11/202306/08/2024
72 BadlandsSouth Dakota12/13/202306/10/2024
73 EBA Field DaySouth Dakota12/18/202306/13/2024
74 Calgary Stampede Alberta12/20/202306/15/2024
75 Cyrus Bison RanchAlberta12/23/202306/18/2024
76 Wes OlsenAlberta12/27/202306/27/2024
77 Peace River British Columbia12/30/202306/29/2024
78 Peace River 2British Columbia01/01/202407/01/2024
79 Mark SpilzerSaskatchewan01/03/202407/03/2024
80 Griller 2Saskatchewan01/06/202407/05/2024
81 National Buffalo MuseumNorth Dakota01/08/202407/08/2024
82 BadlandsSouth Dakota01/10/202407/10/2024
83 Heim Land and CattleSouth Dakota01/13/202407/13/2024

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