Spring Bison Ear Tagging in Alberta Canada

The filming of NATIVE The Prodigies of an Icon isn’t just about bison, it’s about the lifestyles of the people who dedicate their lives to raising them and majestic landscape this Keystone Species helped create. The following screenshots where taken during “spring” tagging of bison calves with Lawrence Ference and his daughter Lisa Ference from Corner Creek Farms (Elk Point Alberta Canada) and Allen Oszust from Raging Bison Ranch (Glendon Alberta Canada).

“Spring” tagging and health check on Corner Creek Farm in northeastern Alberta Canada… if this is what spring is like, well…

Note: A unique aspect to this working system is that it is welded out of recycled oil field supplies. High impact areas are covered with oil sand conveyor belts to provide extra padding and darken sides to prevent the bison from ramming the sides (they head towards the light).

Screenshots from filming for NATIVE | The Prodigies of an Icon

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Meet My Neighbor Productions, Inc.

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Shauna Rankin Meet My Neighbor Productions, Inc.Yanasa TV

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Charlie Rankin Meet My Neighbor Productions, Inc.Yanasa TV


Josh Dillard Dillard Creative Media

NATIVE | The Prodigies of an Icon https://nativemovie.com is a documentary following the history of bison up through its modern life. The film is supported by the following:

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