Bison Recipes And Health Information

Welcome to the ultimate online cook book for bison recipes. On this page you will find a plethora of bison recipes collected from a variety of expert resources to make your journey in experiencing this incredible meat both exciting and delicious.

We’re often asked, why bison. Well, it’s simple. Bison meat has less calories, fat, and cholesterol than beef, yet even more protein. It is an animal that has never been modified or fed harmful growth hormones. We’re not saying beef is bad, we all like steaks, but when it comes to nutrition, bison is better, cleaner, and easier on the digestive system.

While cattle and bison are both ruminants and offer significant opportunities to regenerate our soils. Bison are what we refer to as a Keystone Species, which means our land and wildlife across North America evolved in concert with the bison and are dependent on the bison. From their wool, to saliva, bison offer many ecological benefits that cattle do not.

By eating bison meat, you are participating in bison conservation in a very big way. Without consumers like you, the growth of our national bison herd would simply not be sustainable.

To learn more about bison and conservation efforts, watch this quick “trailer” for the upcoming bison documentary NATIVE | The Prodigies of an Icon.


While bison is similar to beef in flavor, it has far less fat, so it needs different preparation to achieve the best results. Specific techniques vary by cut, but here are some general guidelines.  


Bison requires about 1/3 less cooking time than beef. However, you don’t want to rush it. Cooking bison over a lower temperature helps maintain its moist and tender texture


Like beef, bison is best enjoyed rare to medium rare. But remember, it requires 1/3 less heat to cook. “Low and slow” is a good rule to follow as long as you don’t overcook.


Let your bison rest in a warm place for 5 to 15 minutes after cooking. Don’t cut into bison until it has rested. Cutting too soon will let the sealed-in juices escape.


For the best taste, most bison steaks and roasts should be cooked to an internal temperature of 120–140° F when taken off grill or out of oven. Trust your meat thermometer, not your eyes!

Bison Burger Recipes

Blue Cheese Bison Burgers
Be honest—what could be better than a burger with blue cheese? Well, if it’s a bison burger, then there’s no improvement needed. Keep this recipe on hand for your next grill fest. The flavor combinations are second to none.

Black and Blue Bison Burger Recipe
Fresh ground bison, blue cheese, caramelized onions, crispy bacon, tomato and a touch of arugula make this burger a staff favorite. We created this recipe to inspire a unique twist on a bison burger, and to ensure that every bite was packed with flavor.

OK, so the title is a bit ridiculous. Overwhelming. But there are too many flavors in this dish to be ignored!  Enjoy this taste sensation and love that it is paleo-preferred.

Bison Burgers
When it comes to burgers, nothing grills better than bison. This delicious and easy bison burger recipe is perfect to take your next cookout to the next level.

Bison Burger with Cabernet Onions and Wisconsin Cheddar
This bison burger recipe is all about flavor. And with delicious bison meat, homemade fried onions, and Wisconsin cheddar, there’s really no way you can go wrong. Serves 4.

San Luis Burgers
Our San Luis Burger recipe calls for Great Range Ground Bison and is a savory, a bit spicey and 100% delicious. The whole family is sure to ask for more when you serve these for dinner.

A1 Bison Steakhouse Meatloaf Burger
These burgers held up really well on the grill and resulted in thick, juicy patties – the pretzel buns and Swiss cheese were great additions to the bison burger too!

Bison Sandwiches and Wrap Recipes

Bison Sloppy Joes
Savory, messy, and secretly healthy. Don’t tell the kids.

Bison French Dip
Searching for the perfect French dip recipe? Turns out, the secret to the perfect dip is BISON!

Bison is a leaner, juicier alternative to beef. Bigger cuts like bison ribeye roasts are best cooked nice and slow for meat that will melt in your mouth.

Pulled Bison BBQ
Ever cooked bison in a crockpot? If not, your slow cooker is in for a treat with this Pulled Bison BBQ recipe that comes together quickly yet deliciously.

Pulled Bison Slider Three Ways
Bursting with a medley of flavors, these TenderBison sliders make an impressive appetizer or main dish that will please any guest at your table.

Greek Bison Pitas
These delicious Greek Bison Flank Steak Pitas are the latest Starving chef – Great Range Bison recipe collaboration. Bison flank steak is a tender cut of meat that can be transformed into a variety of dishes. It is important not to overcook your steak.

Crunchy Bison Wraps
Wraps are an easy way to use vegetables and leftover bison roast or steak to create a healthy lunch.

Bison Steak Recipes

Bison Filet Mignon
Simple seasonings like coarse sea salt and fresh cracked peppercorns highlight the overall taste and texture of the bison tenderloin filets – enhancing the sweet and savory nature of this delicious cut.

Bon Appetit calls this Salt-and-Pepper Rib Eye “Perfection” we couldn’t agree more!  Start by picking up a beautiful rib eye from your favorite meat distributor (ah-hem!), then  follow below.  This simple prep has mouth-watering results!

Spiced Bison Rib-Eye with Miso Butter and Red Wine Mushroom Sauce
With lots of bold umami flavors, this pan-seared Bison Rib-Eye is a restaurant-style dish that’s easy to make at home.

Plum Glazed Ribeye Steak
Our newest recipe, plum glazed ribeye steak is here! If you are looking for the perfect steak it might just be time to try out bison. Bison meat is incredibly tender and doesn’t have the ‘gamey’ flavor you might expect. Bison is best cooked rare to medium for the most delicious results. Bison meat is incredibly lean, making it a healthier alternative to slap on the grill.

Ranch Hand Steak
Our ranch hand steak is delicious and easy which makes it perfect for a weeknight meal the whole family is sure to love. This recipe is customizable so you can add in your favorite seasonings and flavors and it’s an easy way to sneak in veggies for the kids. Serve with your family’s favorite side dishes and enjoy!

The popular cooking website, Outdoor Gourmet, is promoting more than cutlery, cooking planks and other supplies. They recently posted a tasty recipe for Bison Satay Skewers.

Zaatar Bison Ribeye
Bison ribeye is a versatile cut of meat. Because bison meat is generally leaner and sweeter than traditional beef, its flavors pop when paired with earthy seasoning. Zaa’tar is a Middle Eastern spice blend that includes dried herbs like oregano, marjoram and thyme. Toasted sesame seeds help to enhance the texture and give a nice crust.

Bison Strip Steaks Recipe with Chimichurri Sauce
Chimichurri sauce is a Central and South American recipe used for marinating, or served with, meat. There are a few variations of the sauce, but we think you’ll find that our recipe is the best for our bison. This recipe is quick, easy and tasty – and sure to please all the hungry mouths around the dinner table.

Bison Osso Bucco Recipes

Bison Rib Recipes

Bar-B-Q Bison Ribs
This one-of-a-kind recipe for mouth-watering, finger lickin’ bison ribs is perfect for kicking off the summer.

Thai red curry paste, garlic, ginger, cilantro and fish sauce flavor the coconut-infused broth for these braised bison short ribs. A tough cut of meat, the short ribs become meltingly tender when cooked slowly over low heat.

Savory Bison Short Ribs
Put Savory Bison Short Ribs on the menu this week for a winning family dinner. Served on top of a bed of pasta with extra sauce, we’re pretty sure no one will complain when you call them to the table!

Bison Roast Recipes

Bison Prime Rib Roast
Slow-cooked on the grill, this bison prime rib roast needs nothing more than salt and pepper. The recipe is simple, but the results are heavenly.

Bison Mexican and Southwest Food Recipes

Bison Enchiladas
Enchiladas have never tasted so good, and it’s all thanks to all-natural TenderBison. Bison’s skirt steak is a lean and tender cut, making it the perfect choice for cheesy and flavorful enchiladas.

Shredded Bison Chipotle Tacos
Tender shreds of flavor-infused bison make this recipe a Taco Tuesday favorite.

Bison Empanadas
Empanadas on easy mode! Flaky, bison sirloin filled empanadas could not be easier to make in the slow cooker. Just sear, set, and forget it! Premade pie crusts are used to wrap up the fireybison steak before being baked to golden brown perfection.

Bison Fajitas
Want to try a healthier version of a family favorite? Try these Bison Fajitas for dinner this week.

Bison Fajitas
Kick it like a cowboy with these bison flank steak fajitas, our latest recipe collaboration with The Starving Chef. Bison flank steak is a super tender cut of meat that is enhanced by earthy flavors like cacao and cinnamon. 

Bison Carne Asada
Check out this delicious bison carne asada, our latest recipe collaboration with The Starving Chef.

Italian and Pasta Recipes

Easy Bison Bolognese
It’s time to get back to basics – with bison! This classic Bolognese sauce swaps out traditional beef for ground bison making it a leaner, healthier alternative to a weeknight staple. Whole San Marzano tomatoes are crushed with onions and garlic to make a savory sauce perfect for topping everything from linguine to gnocchi.

Bison Lasagna
Searching for a new, flavorful twist on a classic family dish? We’ve got you covered. Our Bison Lasagna is packed with all the flavors you know and love. Then it’s complemented with the sweeter, more tender taste of bison. So preheat the oven and get ready to take your next dinner up a notch.

Bison Lasagna
With just a hint of heat beneath the surface, there are FIFTEEN layers to this lasagna. Bison meat makes for the perfect lasagna meat – it is leaner than traditional beef, which gives it a better overall flavor and texture. Whole slices of mozzarella melt together the top and bottom layers, right in the middle. Serve with a Caesar side salad and garlic bread – yum!

Bison Lasagna Zucchini Roll-Ups
Turn traditional lasagna on its head with these bison lasagna zucchini roll-ups! Thin sliced zucchini “zoodles” replace the traditional pasta noodles in this healthier spin on a classic dish.

Bison Strip Loin with Romesco Sauce and Rapini
With a Spanish-inspired roasted red pepper sauce, these herbed butter-basted strip loin steaks explode with delicious flavors in every bite.

Cowboy Spaghetti
Our second delicious recipe is cowboy spaghetti. This is a southwest inspired dish full of traditional flavors like onions, bell peppers and tomato sauce. This comfort recipe mixes perfectly with the savory delicious flavors of Great Range Bison, without being overpowering. Try it for dinner tonight and watch it become an instant family classic.

Asian Bison Cuisine

Bison Satay
A popular snack in many Asian countries, satay can be prepped in many different ways. This satay recipe uses tender slices of bison skirt steak that is marinated in a deliciously sweet and spicy sauce. Sambal olek is widely used throughout countries like Indonesia – where satay is a staple part of many menus – and it adds a flare of heat plus authentic, savory flavor.

Teriyaki TenderBison Sirloin with Sweet Potato and Bok Choy
Bison sirloin steaks are marinated in homemade teriyaki sauce for a rich and robust dish that is sure to impress the whole family.

Bison Bulgogi
Get ready to turn up the heat in the kitchen. Inspired by Korean bulgogi, this bison sirloin is marinated in a sweet and tangy pear sauce and then seared to blackened perfection. Firey hot peppers are tossed into the mix to really set your mouth on fire!

Easy Bison Eggrolls
Get ready for a fusion of southwest flavors and Asian cuisine. Bison steak is sauteed to tender perfection then rolled up into an egg roll wrapper and fried until golden. Packed with firey flavor, these southwest-infused egg rolls are the best of both worlds. Bison stew meat is perfect for wrapping up with crunchy cabbage and peppers because it stays tender even after deep frying.

Bison Ramen
Packed with protein from strips of tender bison sirloin and absolutely bursting with flavors, this bison and broccolini ramen is the perfect way to celebrate stir fry-day!

Bison Ribeye Thai Lettuce Wraps
For those seeking to eat healthier, bison is the perfect meat to introduce to your diet. As a leaner alternative to beef, bison is incredibly adaptable meat that pairs well with savory flavors. Bison ribeye is astonishingly tender and juicy with sweeter notes that are enhanced with the addition of Thai flavors like ginger. You can’t go wrong with these bison ribeye Thai lettuce wraps.

Grilled Asian Marinated Bison Sirloin Kebabs Recipe
You don’t need to catch a plane to get a taste of Asian cuisine; with our kebabs, every bite is sure to be packed with flavor. We suggest serving with jasmine rice, stir-fried green beans and peppers to fill your craving – and your belly!

Bison Chili, Stew, and Soup Recipes

Hearty Bison Chili
Saying goodbye to summer is hard, but as the temperatures start to drop it gets easier knowing you have this recipe in your back pocket to warm you right up! Packed with protein and delicious flavors, this bison chili recipe is something you’ll crave every week.

2012 National Bison Association “Best Buffalo Chili Recipe” Contest Winner
Reverend Red’s Chili Recipe
Submitted by Mary Lou Flocchini

Bison Chili
Our amazing bison chili. This recipe is one of our favorites; full of sweet, spicy and savory notes your whole family is sure love. Make sure to pick up your Great Range Bison and try this wonderful recipe for dinner tonight.

Zucchini Bison Stew
Bringing something heartier and healthier to a bowl near you.

Seasoned Buffalo Stew with Tomatoes and Green Olives
Carole Peck, executive chef of Good News Cafe in Woodbury, Connecticut, celebrates comfort food with her seasoned buffalo stew. A healthy and hearty combination of bison, fresh tomatoes, and green olives, seasoned with fresh rosemary, garlic, savory, and basil, this stew warms the soul and chases away the chill on a blustery winter day.

Bison Meatball Recipes

Bar-B-Que Bison Meatballs
Both sweet and savory, these bar-be-que bison meatballs is an appetizer that the whole family is sure to love.

Air Fryer Meatballs
Are you ready to take your meatballs to the next level? These meatballs are made with delicious bison and are STUFFED to the max with cheese. Bison is naturally leaner than beef, making it a great meat for cooking quickly. By using an air fryer for this recipe, you can lock in all of the tender, juicy flavors of bison while melting the cheese inside.

Plum Bourbon Bison Meatballs
These Plum Bourbon Bison Meatballs are a tasty new take on appetizers for any occasion. The Great Range Bison meat has rich and savory notes that pair deliciously with the sweet flavors of the plum bourbon sauce. The end result is a sweet and savory explosion of flavor your guests will love. Best of all, these amazing meatballs are best cooked in the crockpot or slow cooker, which makes them an easy addition to your entertaining.

Bison Salad Recipes

Bison Steak & Citrus Salad
TenderBison is lean, healthy and packed full of protein. Add it to a citrus packed salad and you’ve got the perfect summer lunch or dinner. Our Bison Steak & Citrus Salad is loaded with oranges, mangos, and grapefruit making it a refreshing option during the hot, summer months.

Southwest Grilled Bison Ribeye Salad Recipe
Serve up flavor with our Southwest Grilled Bison Ribeye Salad. With perfectly seasoned bison ribeye, fresh vegetables and delicious homemade dressing, you’ll be saying “yee-haw!”

Marinated Prairie Bison Salad
The more flavorful way to mix things up.

Bison Pasta Salad
Add a little something extra to your pasta salad with the tender, juicy flavor of bison.

Bison Bombay Bowls
Bison is a versatile meat – not only is it perfect for burgers and steak, but it has a complimentary flavor that goes well with sweet and savory profiles. These healthy, Indian-influenced bison Bombay bowls are served on a bed of tangy fried rice and topped with a mango-curry yogurt sauce.

Bison for Breakfast Recipes

Cowboy Hash
This one-pan cowboy-inspired breakfast skillet is packed with delicious chunks of bison steak. Made in a single frying pan, the flavors build on top of each other to create a sweet and savory way to start the day.

Bison Quiche for Two
Wake up to the savory taste of bison with this delicious Bison Quiche recipe!

Bison Breakfast Bowls
Ever thought about Bison for breakfast? Bison Breakfast Bowls are a twist on steak and eggs, bison makes a perfect replacement for the traditional beef steak. Not only is bison leaner than beef, it’s lower in cholesterol, calories and sodium, making it the healthier way to start off your morning. Our friend, Felicia, over at the Starving Chef Blog created this tasty, nutritious bison breakfast bowl. Bison – the perfect way to start your day!

From The Range (Oven and Cooktop Bison Recipes)

Bison Stuffed Peppers
Love stuffed peppers? Well you’ll love them even more with bison meat! Using all-natural, American-produced bison, grated carrots, grated zucchini, chopped onions, fresh garlic, dairy-free cheese (or regular cheese) and a tasty blend of spices, this meal is not only healthy, but extremely delicious.

Bison Stuffed Peppers
Looking for an easy and healthy weeknight meal that will shake up the weekly routine? These colorful bison stuffed peppers are filled with a delicious mixture of ground bison and barley.

Bison Cheesesteak Stuffed Mushrooms
Bison striploin is one of the most flavorful and tender cuts of bison. Because of its lower fat ratio, it cooks more quickly than beef and doesn’t continue to ‘leak’ fat as it cools, making it the perfect meat to use in these bison cheesesteak stuffed mushrooms.

Bison Shepherd’s Pie
Topped with a jalapeno cheddar potato mash and baked to perfection in a cast-iron skillet, this shepherd’s pie is packed full of bison – making it more fitting for a roaming cowboy than an actual shepherd.

Bison Pot Pie
Delicious bison stew meat is used as a flavorful addition to a country-inspired pot pie dish. Bison meat is leaner than most other red meats, making it perfect for pot pie. As it roasts, it becomes juicy and tender. It’s sweeter flavor perfectly plays off the savory base of the pot pie filling.

Keto Meatloaf
Bison is one of the best meats to incorporate into a keto friendly diet. In fact, bison meat has more protein and less fat than other red meats meaning it will leave you feeling fulfilled rather than sluggish after your meal.

Cajun Bison Poutine
Today we’re putting a Southern spin on Canadian poutine with this delicious Cajun bison poutine recipe! Traditionally, poutine is made with French fries, gravy and cheese curds and usually a meat like beef or bacon.

Bison Stroganoff
This recipe calls for our tender bison sirloin steaks which has a sweetness that pairs wonderfully with the mushrooms and earthy flavors of the dish. You won’t be disappointed with this amazing bison stroganoff recipe, but just in case keep an eye out for the other entrée, San Louis Burger, coming soon!

Bison Party Platters

Bison Summer Sausage
No tailgate is complete without the perfect summer sausage. Try this Easy Bison Summer Sausage recipe for your next ball game.

Bison Buffalo Dip
Did you know that bison and buffalo are often used interchangeably when talking about the American Bison which can get a little tricky? This is because there is historical and Tribal significance to the word buffalo. But when referring to meat widely available to consumers, “bison” refers to American bison and “buffalo” refers to water buffalo which are common in other parts of the world like Africa and Asia and is imported to the US.

Grand Canyon Dip
A dip so deep you create a canyon when you dig in! With multiple layers of deliciousness, the bison shines through. Paired with sweet and spicy salsas, this dip will definitely be the talk of your next get together.

Cay’s Bison Queso for The Big Game
Cay’s Bison Queso Dip is a big game tradition around these parts. The ooey gooey cheesy bison queso is favorite of all of employees at Great Range Bison and is sure to be a hit at your next game day party or event.

Cheeseburger Sliders
Making burgers for a crowd has never been easier – and you don’t even need to fire up the grill! These bison cheeseburger sliders are made with a single HUGE bison patty and then held together with cheesy deliciousness. Pile it high with your favorite toppings or keep it simple – no matter how you prepare it, the honey mustard sauce on top pulls the entire sandwich together into one crispy, crunchy slider.

Bacon Wrapped Halloumi Bison Sirloin Bites
The Starving Chef Blog created these savory bacon-wrapped, halloumi cheese and Great Range Bison sirloin bites, and they are too tasty not to share. A perfect entertaining go-to, they are easy to make and take less than 30 minutes! For a tasty twist, you can swap the sirloin for bison ribeye steak.

Bison Pizza

Street Taco Pizza
Topped with a sweet and spicy crumbled bison and glued together with authentic chihuahua and cotija cheeses, this street-taco-inspired pizza is unlike anything you’ve ever tasted.

Grilled Bison Pizza
It’s best to move quickly when making this pizza, especially if grilling outdoors – the crust burns easily, so keep an eye on your temp too! But if you can move quickly enough, you are certainly in for a delicious bison pizza!

Southwest Bison Pizza Recipe
Bison and pizza? You bet! This Southwest-style pizza recipe from The Starving Chef has our mouths watering. Topped with Great Range Ground Bison, fire roasted tomatoes and corn, black beans and red peppers, you couldn’t ask for a more flavorful meal!  Watch the video below for Felicia’s easy how-to, or for a printable recipe and step-by-step directions, visit The Starving Chef Blog.

Bison Recipes Holiday Favorites

Bison Wellington
Want to try something different for your holiday dinner this year? Bison wellington is the perfect show-stopping dish that will become your next big tradition. Tender filets of bison are wrapped in flaky puff pastry and a savory mixture of mushrooms and drizzled with a sweet mustardy vermouth sauce.

Christmas Pot Roast
Cooked low and slow, this bison Christmas pot roast is a savory dish will keep you warm up this holiday season.

Bison Tenderloin
If you are looking to cook the best ever tenderloin this holiday season, look no further than bison. Bison meat, especially tenderloin, is incredibly tender and juicy. Cooked at a low temperature and roasted to perfection, this bison tenderloin might just become your newest holiday tradition.

Bison Stuffing
There are two secrets to the perfect meaty stuffing. The first: use day old crusty bread – the staler, the better! The second secret: use ground bison!