Bison Products

Bison is traditionally used for much more than just food.

Bison Home Decor

Bigelow Fields Bison Ranch Bison Skull. 

It’s our top priority to honor bison harvested from our land by utilizing as much of their offerings as we can. Hand crafting these impressive euro-mounts is just one avenue for us to accomplish this. 

These mounts are carefully touched up by the hands of the rancher who cared for them making them very meaningful to our family. We are honored to offer them for sale to our customers and supporters of BFBR.

These are prime winter bison hides,  tanned by one of the best ever tanners in the USA.  We offer only the select and best are grade “A” hides, perfect for your couch, bed, or even as a rug.  They are garment tanned, and butter soft.  We also have the larger robes, still beautiful, not trimmed or sewn, but with some imperfections that make them better suited towards becoming a coat, vest, or just on the couch at the cabin… 

Bison Clothing & Accessories


Made by one of the very best hide stitchers – Mike Guli of MJ Guli designs, Fort Collins Colorado.  Mike has made coats for a whole bunch of Hollywood movies. an even larger bunch of Hollywood celebs … and a few for us.  .  All hand stitched from Moyle tanned bison hides/robes (Moyle is the very best bison hide tanner on the planet).  This one is an “XL” …  and does fit a variety of guys due to the extraordinary way Mike utilizes the hide.  Custom projects are available if you need something else, but these are as good as you will ever find .. and way better than most

  • Bison leather trimmed pockets
  • Bison leather fringe
  • Bison leather cuffs
  • Bison leather placket 
  • Silver Concho buttons
  • Will ship via FedEx with insurance
  • Size XL   (42-45″ chest)  

Bison Wool Socks
Let’s start with the heaviest big bison sock, and work down to the lighter weight performance socks.

If you are looking for a big, heavy, ultra-warm, working, playing, have to be outdoors, hunting, hiking, fishing sock, sitting in the bleachers, or standing on the dock socks, that would be our Trekker Boot Socks.

Next Up is our American Field Sock.. Medium weight, and the most bison fiber of any of our socks.

Bison Wool Gloves
These gloves are durable, absorb moisture without feeling damp, and retain body heat well.  When you need a good pair of really warm gloves that are extra tough, these fit the bill perfectly.

Don’t let cold hands shorten your hunting/fishing trip.  

 Satisfaction Guaranteed: NO FINE PRINT,  If you don’t truly love them, send them back.

Bison Gloves and Mittens
A wide variety of bison (and a few elk or deer) work and play gloves … keeping your hands protected, comfortable … and in style.  Bison leather wears wonderfully well (except when you poke it with barb wire).  The outer layer … the epidermis … is thick and tough, yet supple … even after it gets wet, when compared to most any other leather.  The multi directional fiber structure is what makes it that way. 

Bison Wool Beanies, Gators, and Balaclavas
From the slopes at Aspen to the backwaters of Minnesota, if you need a lightweight and seriously warm, toboggan, toque, watch cap, gator, scarf, or balaclava these bison wool products will keep you nice and warm.

Bison Hats and Headwear
All kinds of great Buffalo Gold, Buffalo Wool Co, Jacaru and other brands of summer, winter, fall and spring head gear.

From our great friends at T.B. Phelps – the short work/hiking/knockaround bison leather boot we have been trying to get made for years.   

Briar American bison hides (that apparently came out in two shades – was not suppose to be two shades!!) and a well molded sole.  Enough padding at the tongue and ankle makes for ease of walking.   The leather is very nicely tanned and dyed; about a 3.5 oz and lined. 

Bison Leather Boots and Shoes
Bison leather boots and shoes … from some of the world’s finest makers.  

And when we can, we grab up some bison leather closeouts for even greater value!

Look what we have now!  

Jewelry and Accessories
We never intended to become a jewelry store, but there are so many beautiful bison pieces … and native pieces … and natural turquoise and stone sets that it just happened.  We’re glad it did!