Cherokee Valley Bison Ranch sponsors NATIVE

Cherokee Valley Bison Ranch has signed up as a bronze sponsor for the NATIVE film project.

Cherokee Valley Bison Ranch, is nestled in the rolling hills of Thornville, Ohio. The farm land has been family owned for over 50 years, owners Carie and Jarrod Starr, purchased their first herd in 2008. Their number one priority was and still is to produce grass-fed bison for our family and community. They now keep over 40 bison and each spring they are blessed with many ‘red dogs’ to keep the herd growing.

On the ranch they believe in the sacred connection between Mother Earth and ourselves – Carie’s grandmother spent countless hours sharing tales of her Cherokee heritage, her love for nature, and philosophy of living a life the ‘natural way’ without herbicides, but most importantly, how it is our duty to act as stewards of the earth. Grandma Crandell’s wisdom stuck with Carie and they continues her grandmother’s sustainable practices today.

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