A sit down with Allan Savory


We just drove 12 hours to South Florida for a single interview… a very important interview with a very insightful man who can has helped shed the light on the importance of large ungulates in our ecosystem.

When it comes to regenerative agriculture, Allan Savory literally wrote the book on understanding holistic management practices. Allan’s work is often misunderstood, not because of its complexity, but because what he is teaching has more to do with how to think, observe, and react. As Allan said in his interview, “there is no scientific process to holistic management.”

Allan has studied ungulates from around the world, including the American Bison. From his studies he has concluded that large ungulates are natures tools for maintaining healthy soils, grasslands, and even forests. Allan’s description of the benefits of these animals on our ecosystem (or as he calls it eco-self) will be a part of the NATIVE film.

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