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Working Bison with Dick Gehring at “Kansas HQ”

Screenshots from filming for NATIVE | The Prodigies of an Icon

NATIVE | The Prodigies of an Icon https://nativemovie.com is a documentary following the history of bison up through its modern life. The film is supported by the following:

Grant Partner

National Buffalo Foundation

Production Partner

Yanasa TV

Platinum Sponsors

Great Range Brand Bison

Sierra Meat & SeafoodDurham Ranch


Mosquito Park Buffalo

National Buffalo Museum

Canadian Rangeland Bison & Elk

Noble Premium Bison

Gold Sponsors

The Buffalo Wool Co

Bigelow Fields

Texas Bison Association

777 Bison Ranch

Tesoro Ranch

Film Producer:

Meet My Neighbor Productions, Inc.

Content Director & Filming Coordinator:

Shauna Rankin Meet My Neighbor Productions, Inc. Yanasa TV

Creative Director and Videographer:

Charlie Rankin Meet My Neighbor Productions, Inc. Yanasa TV

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National Buffalo Museum sponsors Native the prodigies of an icon, a bison documentary.

The National Buffalo Museum soon to be called the North American Bison Discovery Center, has become a sponsor of NATIVE | The Prodigies of an Icon, a documentary film about the American Bison, it’s recovery as a species, and how it continues to thrive in modern day.

The National Buffalo Museum is the number one resource for all things related to the restoration of the American bison, including its historic, ecological, economic, and cultural value.

The National Buffalo Museum is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Our mission is to advocate for the restoration of the North American bison through education and outreach. We derive operating funds to support our mission from museum membership, admission, programs, store income, grants, and ND charitable gaming proceeds.

The National Buffalo Museum opened in June of 1993 and has since been dedicated to preserving the history of the bison and promoting the modern bison business.

In 1991, the North Dakota Buffalo Foundation (NDBF) (d.b.a. the National Buffalo Museum) formed to start a herd of bison that would graze in the pasture just below the “World’s Largest Buffalo” monument in Jamestown, ND. Around the same time, the National Buffalo Foundation was looking for a facility to house and display numerous accumulated bison-related objects, artwork, and historical memorabilia from the bison business. Thanks to tireless advocacy from the founding board members of the NDBF, many of whom were themselves bison producers, the first five animals in this herd came from Theodore Roosevelt National Park and the site of that first small herd became the home of the National Buffalo Museum.

The National Buffalo Museum is currently working to reposition itself as the North American Bison Discovery Center inclusive of all of North America, the new center will offer interactive education and tours.