Cherokee Valley Bison Ranch sponsors NATIVE

Cherokee Valley Bison Ranch has signed up as a bronze sponsor for the NATIVE film project.

Cherokee Valley Bison Ranch, is nestled in the rolling hills of Thornville, Ohio. The farm land has been family owned for over 50 years, owners Carie and Jarrod Starr, purchased their first herd in 2008. Their number one priority was and still is to produce grass-fed bison for our family and community. They now keep over 40 bison and each spring they are blessed with many ‘red dogs’ to keep the herd growing.

On the ranch they believe in the sacred connection between Mother Earth and ourselves – Carie’s grandmother spent countless hours sharing tales of her Cherokee heritage, her love for nature, and philosophy of living a life the ‘natural way’ without herbicides, but most importantly, how it is our duty to act as stewards of the earth. Grandma Crandell’s wisdom stuck with Carie and they continues her grandmother’s sustainable practices today.

Texas Bison Association sponsors the NATIVE Documentary Project

The Texas Bison Association joins the NATIVE Film Project as a Gold Sponsor.

More About the Texas Bison Association:

The Texas Bison Association works to promote and preserve Texas bison through leadership, education and building public awareness for the bison ranching and meat industry. Founded in 1994, the Texas Bison Association provides assistance in raising and producing bison among our membership and promotes the nutritional health aspects of the Texas Bison to consumers. The TBA welcomes anyone with an interest in the preservation and promotion and production of this magnificent animal — the American buffalo.

The Texas Bison Association is dedicated to ‘Preserving the Legend’ by the advocacy of Texas bison through conservation, leadership, education and public awareness for bison production, the industry, and the species.

Canadian Bison Association joins the NATIVE Film Project

The Canadian Bison Association has signed up as a Silver Sponsor for the NATIVE Film Documentary Project.

About the Canadian Bison Association:

The Canadian Bison Association (CBA) is a non-profit organization which was established to represent the interests of the bison industry.

The Canadian Bison Association is responsible for providing guidance on a number of issues including: marketing, animal health, research, animal identification, government liaison, trade, traceability, the bison registry, conservation and other developmental initiatives.

There are six active regional associations representing Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and BC- each having the ability to appoint two directors to the CBA board with Alberta able to appoint three directors. The National Bison Association in the United States recommends the international director appointment. The Maritime Association is not active at this time.

The Canadian Bison Association is managed by a President who is elected from one of the board members appointed by the regional associations. The CBA consists of an Executive Director, an Office Administrator and Project Coordinator with contract staff hired when required.

The Canadian Bison Association has approximately 550 members throughout Canada. There are also a number of members from the United States.

InterTribal Buffalo Council delivers Yellowstone bison bulls to Osage Nation.

Over the past weekend, two Yellowstone National Park bison bulls arrived on the Osage Nation in Oklahoma. Courtesy of the InterTribal Buffalo Council, Troy Heinert traveled over 1,000 miles from South Dakota delivering bison to multiple tribes.
Driving 1,000 miles from the east coast to Oklahoma, Charlie with Meet My Neighbor Productions, Inc. met Troy at Osage to film the delivery for the documentary NATIVE | The Prodigies of an Icon
The InterTribal Buffalo Council is restoring buffalo to the Indian Country, to preserve historical, cultural, traditional and spiritual relationship for future generations.
NATIVE | The Prodigies of an Icon is a documentary following the history of bison up through its modern life. The film is supported by the following:
Grant Partner
National Buffalo Foundation
Platinum Sponsors
Great Range Brand Bison
Sierra Meat & Seafood Durham Ranch
Mosquito Park Buffalo
Gold Sponsors
The Buffalo Wool Co
Bigelow Fields
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