Tender Bison | North American Bison LLC

Meet My Neighbor Productions is pleased to announce Tender Bison a North American Bison LLC brand as a platinum sponsor for the Native Film Project.

“Since 1993, North American Bison, LLC, proud suppliers of TenderBison, has been on a mission. It’s our goal to partner with respected independent ranchers who raise bison naturally and humanely to help us bring the very best to your plate.

Now, over 28 years later, we’re continuing to build on that mission and growing our brand in the process. Our all-natural and family farm-sourced bison can be found in grocery stores and restaurants worldwide.

We exist to deliver the very best to everyone we serve. Count on us to never waiver in our commitment to craftsmanship and a higher quality product every family can savor.” – Tender Bison

Mosquito Park Enterprises LLC

Meet My Neighbor Productions is pleased to announce Mosquito Park Enterprises, LLC as a Platinum Sponsor for the Native Film Project.

“Located in central South Dakota, our team of professional bison handlers have created a high-quality, low-stress environment to raise healthy bison.

Rod Sather (Owner) has been involved with the bison industry since 1972. We are life members of National Bison Association and several state and regional associations. With the vast array of personal knowledge and an enormous network of fellow bison producers, Mosquito Park Buffalo has the resources to produce.

The current overall herd size is approximately 150 breeding animals with 2 herds. Looking out over the long term goal, our plan is to increase to 3 herds and 400-450 animals. Our primary focus customers are fellow ranchers looking to diversify their herd genetics and provide animals for finishing operations. The vast majority of our genetics are found to be from the Fort Niobrara Nebraska, National Bison Range Montana, Wind Cave National Park South Dakota, with the recent addition of bulls with Yellowstone genetics.

Come and check out our website for more information and see some of the photos from our herd!” – Mosquito Park Enterprises LLC

Bison on a Spit! Riffle Farms Bison Roast and Field Harvest

On October 9th 2022 the MMNP Team traveled to northeast West Virginia to film the Riffle Farms Bison Roast. The Bison Roast is a two day event starting with a field harvest and interactive processing demonstration. Participants are able to take bison steaks home with them. The Bison is then put on a spit and roasted overnight for the dinner celebration the next day.




Bigelow Fields Bison and Breadhouse

Meet My Neighbor Productions is pleased to announce Bigelow Fields Bison and Breadhouse as a Gold Sponsor for the Native Film Project.

“We are Michael, Nichole, Barrett and Nevada Weaver…first generation (second in the making!) ranchers building a bison ranch in western Maine. Michael is from Alaska, Nichole is from Stratton and now we proudly call Langtown home. We hope you’ll stop by the fields sometime for an in person chat and to visit our herd. We love to share our passion for bison and special views with our community so come say hi!” – Bigelow Fields